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Launch CS prepares teachers to integrate computer science into daily instruction.

You can think of our courses as the "Teaching Science" or "Teaching Social Studies" classes pre-service teachers take in college. We fill the computer science content knowledge gap for K-8 in-service teachers.


Teachers develop a deep understanding of computer science and computational thinking

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Bryan Twarek

SFUSD Computer Science Coordinator

“I am continually impressed with Launch CS’s high quality work as I’ve used them for teacher training and curriculum development. As experienced educators, they understand K-8 computer science education at a deeper level than most. I highly recommend them to all schools districts, no matter where they are on the path to CS for All.”

Dan Gallagher

(former) Seattle Public Schools Director of Career and College Readiness

“Because of Launch CS, our K-8 computer science planning phase has progressed by leaps and bounds, far more than we could have done on our own. I’m impressed with their ability to completely customize their work for us and meet the specific needs of the Seattle Public School system.”

Andy Shouse

WA STEM Chief Program Officer

“Launch CS is quickly becoming a leader in building K-8 computer science capacity within school districts. They are bringing real and meaningful computer science education to our students.”