Our Mission

Deliver the best computer science education preparation that provides: Students high quality, equitable computer science education in superior learning environments, Teachers a high sense of self-efficacy, and Administrators the tools to ensure equitable advancement of CS in their schools.

What We Do

We build capacity within school districts, empower forward thinking leaders, and prepare educators to implement #CSforAll in their schools.

Why We Do It

Having implemented #CSforAll in multiple districts ourselves, we understand the needs and barriers to entry. Our goal is to tackle the most difficult challenge confronted by schools: how to prepare educators to effectively teach computer science.

How We Do It

We provide intensive, interactive, and engaging CS professional learning where participants learn and apply computational thinking skills and other topics essential to becoming a #CSforAll trailblazer.


Our team is made of outstanding educators with experience in teaching, training, and championing computer science education. In addition to implementing #CSforAll initiatives in four states (AZ, TN, UT, WA), our founders have previously provided consulting or development services to leading organizations including the following: | PBS | CSTA | Kodable | National Evaluation Series | Penjee | Education Development Center | Family Code Night | Washington STEM | Neary Education Research

Cheri Bortleson, MEd

Cheri has experience as a K-5 STEM and Computer Science implementation leader in the public schools. She leads professional development for teachers, supports teachers with classroom implementation and coaching, and has worked to develop curriculum that integrates computational thinking into K-5 core subjects. Cheri is a former classroom teacher, special education teacher, literacy specialist, curriculum developer, instructional coach, and elementary principal. Cheri is committed to computer science education and believes in the power of transforming the elementary classroom for all students to succeed.

Grant Smith, MET

Grant is a former computer science teacher and district administrator. He has led #CSforAll initiatives at multiple school districts across the nation and has developed computer science curricula and standards. In recognition for his leadership in computer science education, he won the 2015 Digital Innovation in Learning Award – Administrator Trailblazer. He has served on national computer science education panels including the CSTA Standards Review Committee. Grant is concurrently working on a doctorate from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.